Friday, April 16, 2010

peaceful rainy day

Today was so calming.. even though the sun wasn't out, i thoroughly enjoyed the overcast day. It rained a little from time to time, leaving the air smelling fresh & crisp... only thing it was missing was the smell of a fresh cut alfalfa field!

Once the hubby got home, we played some WoW & then he took a nap on the couch before we headed into town. In Geneva we went to Ponderosa Steakhouse... i got the monterey chicken w/ baked potato & he got a cheeseburger w/ fries... we got the buffet to go with it as well... salad & shrimp & potatoes for me & icecream for dessert, and he had potato wedges w/ nacho cheese sauce (yes i think it's weird combo too) and a few other things along with a ceasar salad.

After a very filling meal ( he brought his burger & fries home for later or for lunch at work tomorrow) we headed to Wegmans for some quick grocery shopping... 2 35ct cases of water (4.99) some fizzante (European type soda), salt potatoes (for meal later this next week), fruit cups (for his lunches), and some bolthouse juices (they are fantastic), and we can't forget teh busy bones for Isis.. she gets one when we go to town along with her kong toy to help keep her out of things she shoudltn mess with!!

Now, since all the groceries are put away.. he is back to playing BORDERLANDS on the 2nd run through, and i am thinking of getting on WOW to work on my shamans enhancement set some more... i got my hunter a new lvl 245 ring & lvl 245 shoulders this afternoon, and my mage hit lvl 77 last night (currently the level cap sits at least until the release of the expansion CATACLYSM later in the fall ... sched release date is Nov 1st 2010 ). Isis is curled up next to my chair asleep already.. she was so hyper when we got home... got her to go outside to go potty and back in she came... she still doesn't care for the rain much unless there is something worth while to chase!

I guess that's all for now... hope everyone stays safe.... till next time!


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