Sunday, May 1, 2011


WOW! Where has the time gone? My last post was from August 2010 i believe... so yeah, i've been slacking on posting every month like i originally planned. So, I guess it's time for a summary of what has been going on!

Luckily the wedding went well (with a few minor issues, but those are in the past) and there were many friends & family there to celebrate with us! I really enjoyed seeing everyone who was there & those who traveled to celebrate our "reaffirmation of vows" (basically renewing our vows with Pastor Bruce Blocker officiating).

Since then life has been an adventure like always.

Unfortunately, my Uncle (Miles Zastrow) passed away in December after a long fight with cancer. I know my family misses him dearly, as do I. I have so many fond memories of taking vacations to help him on different building projects he has worked on. My Aunt & cousins were kind enough to send a picture of him with the hope chest, jewelry box & cross that he made for my Confirmation when i was in 8th Grade... I can't help but smile knowing how much time & love he put into those cherished items, and yet i get all teary-eyed knowing he's gone & the world feels sadder without him around.

In January my new niece, Lila Grace, was born... she will be about 7 months old by the time i get to see her in person... I CAN'T WAIT!!! The pictures i get to see of her (thanks to my brother & my sister in law) make it a little easier living in NY while they are in WI. Allissa & Conner love their little sister though, so that is always a good thing!

Now,to get a new dryer for the trailer since the other one decided it no longer wants to dry our laundry! (How dare it stop working! We need dry clothes, not just clean, too... luckily mom & dad baker are letting us use their dryer till we get a new one.)

Not much else is new... Isis still loves to torment the critters that she spots outside, though the screened in porch is a godsend! She will sit out there most of the day when the weather is nice.

Gabe still works hard to keep us all happy & the bills paid, while i continue to look for a job *sigh*. I'm so lucky to have him in my life! (and we made it through our first year being married, so that is a good thing... we will be celebrating in September on the 11th of course!)

I keep hoping the weather will improve... i have stargazer Lilly's to plant (Gabe bought them for me for easter as they are my favorite flower) as well as other veggies & want to be able to clean up all my planters a bit! Though that strange glowing ball in the sky during the day hasn't been around much lately... maybe it will return soon... the clouds are a bit overwhelming at times.