Friday, April 11, 2014

Need to post more often ... time flies by so fast

     WOW... I really need to learn to post more often!  Life is still leading me into challenges & things I'm not always ready for, but I keep rolling with the punches!

  Just when I thought I had my blood sugar levels to level out a bit, the doctor had to go & up my thyroid meds... there go the blood sugar levels back up again *sigh*... such is life i guess.

I'll Just have to keep working at it  I guess... at least the weather has finally Improved a bit... the ground is like a sponge with all the water from the ground thawing, the last snowstorm we had & the recent rain!  Can't it just dry up so i can work on my flower garden & maybe get started on my raised garden bed i want to do this year?

Here is hoping everyone has a great spring though! The songbirds have returned & the daffodils are starting to come up (BONUS)!  The pup was happy to run all over the place this morning , especially the muddy areas of the yard. She won't be happy to have a bath later! LOL

I guess that is all for now! Have a great day everyone!