Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day to Relax

So last night was a bit rough for me.. just the everyday worries & stresses finally got to me & i broke down in tears even after such a great day!

I had a great day with my husband yesterday... we went to Montour Falls, NY so i could get the measurements for my dress ( i still have to convert it all from inches to centimeters so i can fill out the order online ). We even stopped at Pizza Hut to take advantage of their $10.00 pizza deal :) so we came home with 2 large meat-lovers as the bread sticks & boneless wings and the salad bar filled us up before we could even get to the pizza.

Once we got home we played some WoW (World of Warcraft) and then I had gone to get some sleep & hubby came in & i just started crying... I don't know what i would do without him! after the episode of crying & stressing out, we decided to watch FANTASTIC MR. FOX... it was pretty good, even though i started to fall asleep & finished watching it this morning!

Today was a day where we woke up around 1pm ... a day of relaxing & being lazy around the house, and went for a walk to the pond at his parents house with the pup running rampant around the woods probably scaring the life out of every little thing she came across.. then back inside to watch some different tv shows (COLD CASE, BONES, NCIS,and a few others we like ) then he went to bed at 9pm since he has to be up at about 2am for early OT.

So now i sit here writing & wondering what i should do as the 3rd PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN is on and the pup is sprawled out on the couch sleeping peacefully with a small snore now & then... she must be chasing rabbits again too as her paws are twitching from time to time as well.

Perhaps i'll log on to WoW & level my mage some more or work on the gear set for my shammy's enhacement set... or hope to get into some runs to get more gear for her resto set... either way its been a great day, and light rain is forecast for tonight, and i can live with that :)

I hope everyone stays safe till my next entry & that everyone may find a reason to smile everyday!

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