Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon

The hubby called at 1:50pm but i missed the call & when i tried to call back literally one minute later, he already had turned his phone off.. i hope it was nothing super important... although he is working a 12 hour shift today (7am-7pm), so he may have been calling just cause he was bored.

I made salt potatoes, carrots & kielbasa last night for supper... simple, fast & so GOOD! He took the leftovers for his lunch today, so at least i know i won't have to worry about him being hungry. Just trying to figure out what to do for supper tonight... i could do spaghetti, or perogies, or cheat & just heat up some canned beef stew... I guess i'll wait to decide... after all, he won't be home for another 4 hours!

I should probably move my planters back outside today after having to bring them indoors yesterday evening as it was sleeting... weather that cold WAS NOT in the forecast when i checked earlier in the day! Luckily, my plants look like they didn't freeze, or at least from what i can tell!

In the meantime, Isis is on the couch being a lazy puppy after a quick romp outside to go potty... I'll have to get a picture of her one day just to post it on here & FB... she is truly a spoiled pup! I think I'm going to go check my e-mail & then check the order for the glasses for our wedding toast (we just got married at courthouse in Feb, so big ceremony is in Sept in WI at my parents place) as they should be shipped out & hopefully arriving soon! Once that is done, then probably back on to WOW to work on my mage today, unless someone needs my shaman or hunter for runs (see previous post for internal links of my toons & the game).

oh yeah... FOR THE ALLIANCE!!! (even though i do have a few horde toons)

have a great day all!

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