Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Has Sprung....

Ok, so Spring is finally here in FULL FORCE.... green Grass, flowers blooming, and warm SUNSHINE! I can't help but love it. It is so much like my home state of Wisconsin, so it's been an easy adjustment as far as that goes... However... after 4 & 1/2 years in Arizona, it's a HUGE change, but i can say i don't miss all the drab brown.

Today is another sunny day & I am hoping that the hubby & I will be taking our baby girl Isis to Sampson State Park. She needs more socializing with other dogs, but loves people. (perhaps i should have mentioned that she is a full blood american pitt, and is far from what most people think of when they hear PITT! )

If we don't hit up the park, it's all good.. but who could resist getting out on such a beautiful day!!! Even the birds have been very active at the feeders... and listening to them sing is so peaceful as well.

All I really need to do within the next few days is finish up my flower garden and then work on the one for the neighbor (he works 2 jobs, so he said it'd be nice to have it planted & cleaned up). I also need to get a few larger planters so i can transplant my veggies that i have started inside :) it's going to be great to have SOME home grown veggies this summer!!! (not to mention it will save us some money)

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