Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The sun has returned... that doesn't always mean a great day though....

Okay, so the picture is from last summer when my husband (then boyfriend) and I stopped through at my parent's place in WI on our move to New York (Upstate), but i needed to brighten up things a little bit!

I am happy the sun has returned, it's nice to have all my planters back outside and the room back in my laundry room & kitchen entry area.

I know i should be quite happy for the wonderful turn in the weather, but some of the small things have been irritating me lately. One which includes a newspaper delivery service calling & then hanging up when i answer... HOW RUDE! If you are going to call me.. either leave a message or say something when i answer. Grrrr.

My husband's parents are always trying to do things for us... i do appreciate this, but when it comes down to the reception they are having here in NY next month... i am a bit frustrated! The planning for the reception is fine.. i keep telling them its okay to keep everything simple.

I am glad they have offered for my parents to stay at their house, but my parents & I have already arranged for them to stay at our place. And since my dad has arthritis in his back, they are picking me up a new air mattress (queen size) for my husband & I to sleep on, and they will have our room to use. My MIL (mother in law) has also gone & picked out MY thank-you cards for me... a nice gesture... but i do not like pink for one ... and i was planning on MAKING my thank-you cards... so what do i do now? *SIGH*

Other than that.. life goes on day to day... when hubby gets home, we are to order our figure prints of our WoW toons. We are using these as our cake toppers (well they will be on stands on either side of the cake if all goes as planned) and they are the only thing that the hubby has requested to having for the wedding, so i will not tell him NO... i actually think it's rather unique (and for those who know me, i tend to enjoy doing things differently)!

I also get to order my other invitations either later this week or next! I have to call the company which i ordered out toasting glasses through as they didn't answer or call back yesterday & i want to know when they plan on shipping them as they are already paid for & the transaction through paypal is complete!

I hope everyone's day goes much smoother than mine & ENJOY THE SUNSHINE! I'm sure I'll get around to it before sundown LOL

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  1. Good news... I shoudl recieve the toasting glasses by next monday or tuesday!!! the distributor that the company i ordered from is finally schedualed to deliver the glasses to them on april 22nd (thurs) and ship them out that day as well, so that is a happy spot in my day! it also makes for one more thing to check off the planning list!!! oh yeah.. gabe & i sat down & ordered the "toppers" for our cake.. 2 WOW figureprints ($149.90 each after shipping & tax)... probably one of the more expensive things for the wedding ... i will post more later on how to see them !!!