Monday, April 12, 2010

Sampson State Park

We went to Sampson State Park... it was such a nice time :) The pup (Isis) wanted to chase all the squirrels in sight & track every scent she could find. It was nice to actually spend some time with the hubby again since he works swing shifts!

Even though i didn't get any work done in my flower garden, I'm not going to stress about it... going to the park & driving around for a bit made for a relaxing mid-day activity.

Currently the hubby has gone to take a nap for about an hour & a half ... then when he wakes up we are going to go to Ciccinos in Waterloo for some great Italian food! I will prob once again get the Chicken Marsala (it's to die for) since it tastes so good & the mushrooms are always fresh!

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