Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Instructions to view our toppers for the wedding cake!!!

If you want to see what each of our toppers is going to look like... go to the following site & follow directions below it! (you can also watch a video on how they are made as well)


1) On the left side of the page are a bunch of buttons & then some with pictures... click the picture button that says MAKE ME ONE!

2)you will then get a page that will ask for the character name, realm & region...

Carissa's Toon:



Region US and Oceanic

Gabriel's Toon:



Region US and Oceanic

3) after you have entered the information for ONE of the toons click ADD CHARACTER this will take you to a preview page of the toon...

4) on the right side of the preview area there is a list with check boxes next to them... UNCHECK the following SHOW HELM , and SHOW TABARD making the only box checked being SHOW CLOAK

this should give you an idea of what the toppers will look like... we have chosen poses for them as well, but that part isn't a big deal... we chose ones that will make the faces of the characters visible & give a better view of the gear & weapons they have as well! we would have left the tabards on (either guild or faction or reward tabards) but they covered up the front of the gear as well as the awesome new belt i got on my shaman a few days ago :P most likely by the wedding we will have upgraded our gear from what will be on the figurines, but that's all part of the game :)

Overall, it will make for a very unique cake once it is all set up :) after all, WoW is where we first met... so to all the doubters out there... YOU CAN FIND LOVE ONLINE :) Gabe & I are living proof of that!

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