Saturday, April 24, 2010

My baby girl Isis

April 2010 003

Isis is my baby girl that is for sure! she is so spoiled all the time! But when you look back on the fact that I have had her for almost 6 years now, it makes sense that she is!

I adopted Isis from the pound in Phoenix, Arizona in September of 2005. She was about 7 or 8 months old when i got her, and had been malnourished & abused..When I saw her face though, I fell in love with this beautiful puppy. From the day i brought her home until now, has been quite a journey for us both!

Isis is an American Pit-bull Terrier. Now most people would find this to be a breed not to mess with. However, with the help from my roommate in Arizona we trained our dogs to be loyal & loving pets & companions. I even took Isis to Obedience classes, even though she may not always show it… but that is partly my fault for not being more consistent with her training. And trying to train her outside with rabbits & squirrels around here now, makes it next to impossible!

JULY AUG 2009 038

She loves it when our friends and family visit us as well… she wants to shower them with kisses and all the affection she can! Being high energy, she always wants to run outside, but she doesn’t mind having her own spot on the end of the couch, her own doggie bed (next to ours) with her own blanket as well. She always has plenty of squeaky toys around the house as well as a KONG chew toy we put peanut butter in and her rope bone that she loves playing tug-of-war with!

I even look forward to the day of having my own kids! She has been brought up with kids around (my roommate in AZ 2 kids, her hubby’s 2 kids, and their 2 kids… yes 6 in total! 1 of them a baby the other a toddler ) and has been great with them!!!

JULY AUG 2009 043

This dog is a part of our family and has been for some time… and the way she loves to roughhouse with my hubby, it’s all I can do not to laugh! She is loyal, loving, and affectionate. There is no better dog to be a companion and friend! She will even lay down next to you when you have a bad day & do her best to console you… even if all this is done by her laying her chin on your lap and looking at you as if to say “Don’t worry it will all be ok and I’m here if you need a friend”.

So here is to all the misguided, misjudged, and stereotyped Pitts out there.. ISIS is making a good name for you!!!

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